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ISGS In Moscow

It was definitely not easy to negotiate and - from the looks of it - quite a few people had to intervene to make it happen. But it worked out in the end: just a few hours ago, the Spanish delegate to the FAI Skydiving Commission (ISC), Alberto Martín, presented Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) to the other delegates assembled for the General Meeting in Moscow. After the ISC had withdrawn as a co-host of ISGS in early November, the powers that be allowed the summit some exposure to skydiving's national governing bodies at last. The ISGS organizers are thankful to the IPC Bureau and interpret the gesture in a spirit of reconciliation.

Alberto Martín addressing the delegates at the 70th ISC Meeting in Moscow, RUS

Alberto made a personal statement before he got started on the more technical aspects of ISGS, where he put a lot of emphasis on the LIVE webcasts that will be available on the 10 Sessions. He also addressed the interactivity that is offered to the worldwide audiences through the YouTube chat function.

His closing remarks were enhanced visually too: HelpUsMakeTheSummit, is the fundraising drive that should help the organizers of Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) balance their budget.

"If you participate in the summit, or watch the webcast sessions, and if you like what it offers in terms of information and output, why not make a donation through the GoFundMe platform?"

Here is the full PowerPoint that Alberto presented.

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