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Flying Dutchmen

The organizers of Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) announce two ISGS panelists who keep the Dutchmen flying in the wind tunnels they designed in Roosendaal and Utrecht. Meet Eric Terry and Oskar van Dijk of Actiflow!

City Skydive in Utrecht, NED

Actiflow develops wind tunnels for indoor skydiving based on high-quality aerospace simulation technology. Two of the Actiflow crew will be ISGS panelists. Erric Terry holds an MSc degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Delft Technical University. Oskar van Dijk is a graduate of the same university but holds his MSc in Integrated Product Design.

Between them they will bring a well-rounded perspective to the panel discussion on future technologies in indoor skydiving.

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