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Five Years After

With the seventh and most recent edition of The Wind Games concluded only two weeks ago, it is as good a moment to look back a little further - to the early days of the event - in order to make a more exhaustive assessment as to where the sport came from ... and where it's heading to.

Through my colleague David Riera I had access to the "Making of The Wind Games 2015," a six-minute look behind the scenes of an indoor skydiving contest staged every year at the Costa Brava that was gaining momentum at the time.

Cathy Bouette

I did not watch any of these early wind tunnel events in Empuriabrava - either in person or as a stream - but David Riera and other colleagues I worked with on a regular basis in the production of The World Games (IWGA) and World DanceSport not only followed them up close, they recorded and edited them. As was the case with this "Making of" from 2015: it was a co-production between David and Nino Nuñez.

Let's have a look at the "good old days," shall we?

Maybe sometime early next week we can look at (a) more recent production(s) and make some comparisons.

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