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First Newsletter

The Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) newsletter will be circulated shortly to all those who have already registered or who have subscribed to our mailing lists here or on the registration site. If you haven't done so yet, there is time until Monday 18 November.

ISGS Newsletter

Between people who have already registered for ISGS (and received their vouchers*), others who have RSVPed in the early stages (without vouchers*) and still others who have subscribed to our newsletters here and on the registration site, we now have a mailing list of just over 200 addresses.

To all of them - and to those who will register or subscribe between now and Monday 18 November - we will send out the first ISGS newsletter with all the updated information regarding the summit.

There were quite a few changes made to the initial format over the last three weeks. Certainly the most important: a registration fee is no longer levied, the participation is free - zero, nil, nada - but the registration (with a RSVP voucher) is still mandatory.

The different all-inclusive packages are no longer offered. While the ISGS organizers can help the summiteers to find accommodation of their choice, the booking is done by the summiteers directly with the hotels.

All of these aspects will be covered in the html newsletter and in a revised ISGS brochure. The latter provides information on the new venue for the summit, the (almost) final schedule and on the 23 panelists who have all reaffirmed their participation.

Remember, The Seventh Wind Games will take place at Windoor - Realfly in Empuriabrava from 30 January through 1 February. It is certainly one of the most high-profile competitions on the international calendar and serves as a perfect example for some of the topics addressed during the summit. The ISGS organizers recommend that you arrive in time to take in at least the finals on 1 February.


What you see below is the voucher that you have received after you have either paid for an all-inclusive registration package (until 25 October) or registered for free (from 8 November). If you have submitted an RSVP form without getting this voucher (prior to 22 September), you will need to register again.

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