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At the heart of Europe, in the five German-speaking countries, Jochen Schweizer’s name is the brand itself. And a very strong one at that! “Jochen Schweizer” stands for intense, adrenaline-charged but also safe and accessible experiences that are being offered to an international market of 100 million potential clients.

Roland Hilfiker, the director of ISGS communications, meets Jochen for the first time at his Arena in Munich, Germany, asking the world's foremost experience marketer about everything from the branding of the product to the servicing of the clientele. With all his views based on an annual sales volume of 1 million experiences!

From an entrepreneurial point of view, Jochen has two options to increase his indoor skydiving business further: (1) bring in more people as first-time skydivers/flyers or (2) retain more first-timers, having them return for second, third fourth … experiences. That both approaches require investment goes without saying, but which of the two strategies is more appropriate, produces better results?

The conversation between Jochen Schweizer and Hilfiker was edited into a 5-minute piece that was then played in as Jochen’s contribution to Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit and to the Session II | Sport Matters.

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