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Do We Fly In BCN?

This time the answer to the question "Do we fly in Barcelona?" is in the affirmative. Yes, shortly! It is down to a matter of days, a final test of all systems is about to be completed. Windoor, Spain's first commercial wind tunnel operator, opens its second one in the Catalan capital.

Windoor Barcelona

It took considerably longer than planned, but the ambitious project Windoor Barcelona is only days away from completion. There were plenty of adversities that needed to be overcome at various stages in the construction, with much higher-than-expected ground water levels probably being the worst. The Windoor staff is currently performing the final tests on all their systems and the grand opening is scheduled for this month.

The tunnel will set new standards in many respects - and its location is definitely a world first. The 1,500 square meters of the Windoor facilities are distributed on four levels (the tunnel hight is 27 meters) and built into one corner of the 40,000-capacity stadium belonging to Barcelona's "second" first-division football club RCD Espanyol. More information can be found here!

Window just launched an excellent advertising campaign - including a very convincing 30" spot - that should draw the attention of the Barcelona citizens to something more "uplifting" than the current political standoff. Barcelona flies!

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