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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

2020 has been an annus horribilis and remains one through the end. With every international indoor skydiving competition canceled since March and with next year's FAI World Championship scrubbed as well, adding one to the lineup of Sky on Stage (SoS), the first virtual contest in artistic skydiving, seemed to make perfect sense.

That is why three SoS contests are currently in progress. The first entries have been received through the video platforms:

The entry deadline for ORIGINAL is 31/12/2020, that for INDOOR and THROWBACK is 30 January 2021.

SoS organizer Stefania Martinengo is aware that major problems persist in a number of countries to record performances at this time. Just yesterday, Germany announced another lockdown. Orher countries could follow suit prior to the holidays. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, some of the wind tunnels around Europe are either temporarily closed or operating on reduced schedules.

But even if it should prove impossible to have a new performance recorded, contestants still have the option to submit one that is vintage, a timeless best-of they have on file, as THROWBACK.

They can select whatever they think is their best and most creative skydive from the archives! The performances should comply with the spirit of the rules and guidelines that apply to the other contests, but they don't have to adhere to the more specific instructions. Adding music to the footage is not mandatory but recommended. The contestants may add any music they choose, as long as it is free of all rights, or they can pick a track among the ones SoS provides HERE.

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