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Given A Break

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Breaking is on track to make its first appearance at the Games of the Olympiad in 2024. An article in France's sports paper par excellence, L'ÉQUIPE, looks at the reasons.

Breaking by © Jonathan Nackstrand OIS IOC

L'-EQUIPE traces breaking's road to the Paris 2024 Olympics. One aspect is particularly interesting.

"Paris has its vision for the Games, and breaking does tick all the boxes. It is an economically responsible sport with a strong social component. I think that the youth of the 93rd Department (Seine-Saint-Denis, the department with the highest share of immigrants in all of France, 56.7% of the residents under 18 are of foreign origin, and a poverty rate of 29%, twice the national average) will be delighted that the Games are interested in them," Jean-Laurent Bourquin, a senior advisor to DanceSports world governing body, is quoted.

Breaking © Paris 2024

Interesting: a similar statement could well be made about youth in South Central Los Angeles for the Games in 2028. Does breaking have a sociological advantage over other candidate sports? The full article is behind a payment wall but worth 1 € for the trial subscription. "A Run Without Errors To Paris 2024"

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