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Blown Out ...

... Blown out of proportion! Kyra Poh, SIN, and Maja Kuczyńska, POL, two indoor skydiving world champions perform a stunningly visual routine in the world's biggest wind tunnel in Abu Dhabi. The Austrian soft drink company that gives them wings puts it to music and Lauri Aapro, FIN, on film.

© Naim Chidiac/Red Bull Content Pool

"Being in this sport for so long, the tunnels range from 8-17 feet, so to see a 32 feet tunnel being built, it really changes indoor skydiving and opens many doors to explore and to push this sport further," says Kyra about the CLYMB tunnel built in Abu Dhabi, the largest facility of this type in the world.

"This tunnel is so big that a solo performance would be a terrible waste of space (laughs). So the idea was born that we could do the arrangement together. I have known Kyra since I was a child, we are friends, everyone liked the idea," says Maja.

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