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Between Here And There

The reigning FAI 4-Way Formation Skydiving World Champions (indoors and outdoors) are currently training in Empuriabrava, making as many jumps as possible in preparation of their next BIG event.


The members of Hayabusa are regularly in Empuriabrava to skydive, be it outdoors at SKYDIVE EMPURIABRAVA or indoors at WINDOOR. Both companies are proud to count themselves among the team's longstanding sponsors.

This time of the year the emphasis is on the outdoors; and rightfully so, with the World Cup coming up in Eloy, USA. But no, Hayabusa won't be able to make it to the Arizona desert because of a prior commitment. Another event is considered far more important by those in the team's hierarchy who are calling the shots: colonels and generals. The CISM Military World Games take place in Wuhan, CHN, from 15 to 30 October. Going to the USA through 12 October could compromise the win of yet another CISM gold medal. If we count them right, it would be the twelfth!

Between here and there!

To go head-to-head with some of their perennial opponents, the strong teams from the USA, they decided to enter the Open USPA Nationals 2019 in Raeford, trying to make it to the top of the leaderboard and preempt any discussion on who is the #1 right then and there. The U.S. Nationals start on 1 September.

When the team will be back in Empuriabrava depends somewhat on weather around Europe later this year. One thing is certain: Haybusa will be at The Wind Games from 30 January through 1 February 2020. And we hope that they will be able to stay on for the the Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit by FAI on 2 February 2020.

Sometimes - particularly when watching some of their training videos - one tends to forget that the team is made up of soldiers!

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