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Back In Play

After being sidelined for as many as three months due to lockdowns and other drastic measures imposed to keep COVID-19 from spreading, sports appear set to return to their respective fields of play and to take maximum advantage of the limited freedoms they are assigned to keep the ball rolling.

Since mid March 2020, I refrained from publishing on any of the websites and social media outlets that I had used regularly to get my (sometimes very) personal views across until then. The magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic had sports cast in a lesser role in terms of their societal relevance, and specialists in other fields were called upon to make their assessments on when and how playing a wide variety of games were to become topical again for the rest of us.

By the looks of it, the time is now and new rules have been adopted for it to be safe. Whether it is skydiving that starts back up or other sports standing poised to overcome new challenges, I will try to look at the post-pandemic realities over the next weeks.

Go Jump Oceanside, one of the biggest tandem jump operations in the USA, returned to business 10 weeks later with a whopping 90 skydiving initiations on day one. Resilience at its best!

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