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Assessment Process

The unique three-tier assessment process for the Sky on Stage ORGINAL Contest (SoS) is underway. Of the 14 entries total in three events, three are in Skysurf. It is a little bit of a déjà vu and brings back loads memories of a time when surfers got the top billing in skydiving competition.

In fact, some of the best skysurfers of a period when the event peaked +/- 20 years ago are assessing the three SoS entries: Viviane Wegrath (Vivi Surf) and Troy Hartmann. Both champions of years gone by.

The process of assessment in SoS has three different panels of assessors looking at the entries and ranking them as per their personal criteria from first to last. This happens in a dedicated section of the SoS video platform. Code writers in Australia and India adapted the standard LaunchPad6 evaluation formula to the requirements of SoS. Thanks, guys!

The assessment should be completed by Wednesday 13 January, with four different ranking published in each event: one established by the participants themselves, two by experts and artists, respectively, and the combined final standing.

More on SoS assessments on Monday.

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