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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The two representatives of Aerodium at the recent summit have gone to considerable length in summarizing what was discussed and in drawing their own conclusions. Ivars Beitans, the owner and foremost visionary of Aerodium, and Toms Ivans, the freestyle champion at The Wind Games 2020, publish their lengthy article on the company website.

"Nobody knew what to expect but everybody was happy to finally meet." That is how Ivars Beitans set the scene in his post-summit article on the different topics that were discussed in ten sessions at the Santa Clara Convent in Castelló d'Émpúries.

Maybe the wording Ivars used in describing the main goal of the summit calls for minor clarification. Until March 2019, it was THE VISION shared by the entire indoor skydiving community to have some disciplines feature in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. After this goal proved too elusive, and after other sports were selected, it can no longer be simply a matter of "bringing" the young air sport into future editions of the Olympics – i.e. 2028 or later. It should be one of understanding and eradicating any and all shortfalls that have kept it out of the 2024 program. Getting into the Olympics cannot be the overriding goal in itself, it can only be an incentive for efforts to improve the sport holistically. A new VISION should should encompass this process rather than the games.

To read the article by Ivars and Toms >> click here!

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