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A Brand Is Born

As the organizers of Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS) are getting ready for primetime, some final adjustments to their brand are made. Minor changes have been made continuously - ever since it was rolled in August 2019. And it wasn't just removing reference to the World Air Sports Federation or the FAI Skydiving Commission from the logo.

Interesting to see - at D -8 - where it had started on 16 July 2019, the day when graphic designer, brand developer, artist and political cartoonist Lluís Puigbert submitted the first batch of draft proposals for the ISGS logo. With his company SID, Lluís has been working with Support Air International in the development of designs for sports of the most varied kind. The first collaboration goes back to 1993 and involved the design of the logo and other icons for the 1993 World Freestyle Federation World Championships in Freestyle and Skysurfing. Here is the most recent one in its current stage of evolution!

Below is the first video element that was created only yesterday. It will serve as an opening or closing sequence for social media clips and the live webcasts. It could premiere officially in a PowerPoint presentation to the General Meeting of the FAI Skydiving Commission, which the delegate of the Royal Spanish Air Sports Federation would make under the agenda item "Any Other Business."

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