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AFF+ (also known under other names such as "tunnel" or "hybrid" AFF) is yet another example of the synergetic relationship between skydiving indoors and outdoors. It is true "Learning on the Steep Curve" as it combines the experiences in both environments.

The AFF (Accelerated Freefall) program revolutionized student training in the early 1980s. Developed in Florida by a group of expert skydivers around Ken Coleman, it soon became the worldwide reference for fast and safe learning in skydiving. 20 years later it was again an initiative by Florida skydivers that added a new element to the traditional AFF: tunnel training. The arrival of a second generation of wind tunnels around the turn of the millennium was the prerequisite for such training to expose the students to the same fast and laminar airflow they would experience in "real" freefall.

Training programs combining the learning experiences indoors and outdoors have been developed by the Skydive University in DeLand, USA, and by several other schools around the world. The best testimonials for their effectiveness are probably those from numerous film stars who have all learned to skydive this way in order to renounce the use of a stunt double in spectacular freefall scenes.

Synergy Plus is the title of one of the sessions during Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit. It briefly looks at the synergies between skydiving indoors and outdoors that have been developed so far. And based on the firm belief that the closer the relationship between two, the more mutually beneficial it becomes, it contemplates the future and improved synergies.

AFF+ is yet another example of a synergetic relationship between skydiving indoors and outdoors. Taught by SKYDIVE EMPURIABRAVA in collaboration with WINDOOR in Empuriabrava, Spain, the "Learning on the Steep Curve" courses combine the best that both environments are able to contribute for a better result in the sum.

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