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We're turning the corner onto the homestretch to Indoor Skydiving 2020 | First Global Summit (ISGS). D -10 to D ´9 to ... This is happening and in a big way. Since 6 a.m. we are circulating the links to the PANELIST HANDBOOK to indoor skydiving experts in all corners of the world. An important section in this digital publication is dedicated to air travel to and from Barcelona, the transfers between Barcelona and the hotel where they are staying at ...

No, it didn't look like this from the balcony of one of the Mar i Sol rooms today. We are getting pounded by a major storm since Monday. Schools are closed along the entire coast, flood warnings are in effect, some flights in and out of the Barcelona airport are delayed.

With all of this happening now, the likelihood of our panelists being able to enjoy sights like the one above increases. The weather will change again. After four weeks of sunshine over the holidays the farmers welcomed the rain.

Here is the PANELIST HANDBOOK with all the pertinent information.

Aside from the extensive section on travel and accommodation, there are two lengthy forewords where I make again the effort to explain our motivation to organise and deliver this summit - at our own expense.

Was it a premonition? As I heard from Moscow this morning, I am again getting slandered once more. What is worse: these false accusations made in the public domain are demeaning to the tremendous efforts of good people who have made great and altruist efforts to organize and deliver ISGS together with me. Back to work!

You should keep in mind that registration for ISGS is mandatory and can be done right here! Do you need help with your hotel accommodations in Empuriabrava or Castelló d'Empúries? Just complete the online form and let us assist you with the arrangements.

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