The Inaugural Edition

Sky on Stage (SoS) is an artistic skydiving contest held virtually for the first time. It comprises six games/events. The contestants are challenged to perform original choreographies in the sky or in the wind tunnel and to ensure that these are recorded. It is on the basis of the recordings that a three-tier process of assessment will determine the final standings.

  • 2-Way Freestyle/Freefly

  • 3-Way Freefly

  • 5-Way Freefly

  • 3-Way Wingsuit Acro

  • Skysurf

  • Indoor Freestyle

Different deadlines apply for the submission of the videos. For the original games/events it is the end of December 2020, for Indoor Freestyle it will be the end of January 2021.

The Throwback

Under its "Throwback" theme, SoS incorporates a parallel contest for vintage footage of past

performances. With part of the world subject to COVID-19 restrictions, going out and recording

something new might not be possible for everybody. But looking at existing videos of performances put in at some point in the past should always be an option.

Pick the very best and submit it as vintage ensure that it is evaluated by Peers, Experts and Artists in the SoS Throwback Contest.

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